Since 25 years our family is dedicated to choose for You

 the best wines of Italy, the Grappa of monovitigno  and other Italian  Specialty´s 


Three are currently the units of our store

Wine cellar; 

they are found to you beyond 500 national labels Subdivided for region, 

Every week we put to Your disposition a "Wine of the week" with optimal quality and price.

Thanks to one tightened collaboration with other wine Stores all over the world 

we can find  whichever wine of Your choice not being present on our catalogue.


also these subdivided for regions, are practically the best producers

 from Nonino to Bertagnolli and Roner.
Moreover there are some grappe exclusive produced from the wine houses.

Also we will introduce some times cases of grappe with one particular condition.


here you can find  many Italian food specialties.

From the prosciutto and salamini to the smoket chest of goose.

Tipicals of Alto Adige and obviously the handicraft Speck.

The fresh mountain barn cheeses and aged one´s also

Several creams, ragu, pate and sauces for the pasta.

1Mushrooms of forest with oliveoil or buckets.

Jam and confetture of fruits of several forest  

Little forest fruits  under grappa for beautiful dessert.

Handicraft mountain honey and other flowers of field.

The cakes, the crostate´s, cookies and other local and national drops

First Press Olive Oil and aromatized , Aceto balsamico di Modena

We wish  You a good vision of the next pages.
B & M Auer



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