Speck Dell´Alto Adige  

Southtyrol finest Specialty






What´s Speck dell´Alto Adige ?

Alto Adige IGP ("Protected Geographical Indication") Speck is a lightly smoked raw ham seasoned for a minimum of 22 weeks. It has a milder, more delicate and better-balanced flavour than strongly smoked raw hams from North Europe, which are only seasoned for a short time. At the same time it has a more distinctive flavour than cured Mediterranean hams. Linked to its geographical origins, a happy medium is thus found between northern and Mediterranean flavours, guaranteeing a well-balanced taste. The European Union now safeguards this inimitable flavour, the result of traditional and natural processing methods handed down over generations from father to son.

The rigorous processing techniques ban industrial methods such as injecting, tumbling and the like, demand at least 22 weeks for seasoning, light smoking at a temperature below 20°C and a salt content less than 5%. These particular features distinguish Alto Adige IGP Speck from any other ham. This guarantee is given by an independent monitoring body working under the EEC norm n. 2081/92 art. 10. This is displayed by the trade-mark on the product label with "Alto Adige IGP Speck" in Italian and German and the "South Tyrol" symbol.

Out of tradition, a modern foodstuff

Alto Adige IGP Speck fully meets current dietary needs as it is especially nutritious, only moderately calorific and high in protein. It is a worthy substitute for meat, eggs and cheese both for the quality and quantity of protein, rich in vital amino acids. Besides this, if the fat is removed it becomes an excellent dish included even in the strictest of dietary regimes

The Quality Control

Quality is fundamental to any trade-mark. This is why the consortium has taken steps to reform the entire quality control system in accordance with European norm EN 45011, provided for by the EU in regulation EC n. 2081/92. The certification has been entrusted to the North East Quality Institute (INEQ) of San Daniele, practitioners of a first-class know-how with more than ten years of experience, particularly in the production cycle for San Daniele Raw Ham. Under the new system, each step of the production process is documented and examined in accordance with the monitoring structures described in quality manuals.

Typ of Speck

The control board for Alto Adige IGP Speck is made up of four members and a representative proposed by a consumer protection organisation. By setting up this new control system , taking effect from 1 July 1999, the consortium has raised its credibility to top levels. Besides the certification of the system, international norm EN 45011 also guarantees product credibility in markets far from the place of origin.

Whether packaged or not, Alto Adige IGP Speck maintains its original, unimpaired flavour. It is best kept in the lower part of the refrigerator where there is a constant, balanced temperature of around 10-15°C. If you choose a vacuum-pack, we advise checking the packaging date. After removing the speck from the packaging, it is best left at room temperature for a few hours to develop its aroma and regain the right consistency.

Non-packaged speck should be kept in the fridge in such a way that it can breathe. An old custom is to put it between two bowls with the upper one turned upside down. It makes good sense to keep it away from foodstuffs with strong smells such as onion. Beyond the question of packaging, is speck better sliced or cubed? With or without crust?

There are different schools of thought on this subject which contrast in the way they use speck, agreeing only on savouring the its flavour to the full. So why not try more than one way? For those who love rich, clean tastes it is best served cut into cubes on a wooden board following the old tradition: the thickness and the spice-enriched crust make it especially appetizing. Those who prefer a smoother flavour will like it in thin slices without the crust, perhaps wrapped around a crispy breadstick.

Whatever your preference, let yourselves be seduced: genuine Alto Adige Speck is also a fine ingredient in creative and elaborate recipes



Speck dell´Alto Adige 

Produced by Pramstrahler srl 

Fié allo sciliar - BZ - Italy 

1 kg. ( 2,2 lb) €
1 / 8  Pieces weight between 1,00 lb. to 1,50 lb.   17,60.-
1 / 4 Pieces weight between 2,00  to 2,50 lb. 15,50.-
1 / 2 Half Speck weight between 4,4 to  6,00 lb. 14,00.-
1 / 1 Entire Speck up to 9,00 lb.  13,00.-




Speck Cream 

Paté di Speck

Speck Aufstrich

100gr.  4,00oz.




Speck dell´Alto Adige 

Produced by L.Gasser Spa 

Chiusa Klausen - BZ - Italy 

1 kg. ( 2,2 lb) €

1 / 8  Pieces weight between 1,00 lb. to 1,50 lb.   18,00.-
1 / 1 Entire Speck up to 9,00 lb.  15,00.-
Fine cutted Speck Slices 4,00 oz. 2,60.-for one Conf.